Hi, I'm Shorty.   This website is all about me.  Well it used to be anyway.  I am a  18 year old miniature Dachshund and my human Mom created to talk about me when I was just a pup.  It has since evolved  to include Mom's other passions - Art and Photography.  She'll explain more below.  We'll be adding back my previous blog entries as time allows.  Please forgive if I'm a bit slow, I'm old and arthritic and require at least 10 hours a day in the corner of the sofa....

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Shorty's Mom

Hi, I'm Shorty's Mom.   This website was originally built as a place for Shorty to blog about her remarkable life.  Now it has a more practical purpose.

Besides getting snuggles from Shorty, my happiest moments are behind the camera then creating art from those images.  This website now serves as a link to my products at Zazzle.  I have 3 stores

Dachshund Merchandise

Carson's Canvas

Carson's Photography



I sell my designs through the printing company in the USA – ‘Zazzle’.

I use Zazzle’s products to sell my designs. In other words I’m just the artist and Zazzle does all the rest. Zazzle takes care of order processing, printing, shipping, discounts etc.  Zazzle’s proprietary technology enables individuals and professional artists alike to create billions of unique products for customers worldwide. All designs can be can personalized at the Zazzle website, so please take a look at my products offered and build your own one of a kind gift for the special people in your life.

Thanks for visiting my our site!