Joys of Dachshund ownership

Shorty came into my life more than 10 years ago and my life hasn’t been the same since. This was my first experience of caring for something that was totally dependent upon me. At first I was overwhelmed with the care and attention she required, but once we established a routine that overwhelming feeling gave way to pure enjoyment. If you are considering adopting a Dachshund or any pet make sure you are ready and have the time and energy to dedicate. Your love and attention will be returned to you ten fold.
Prior to selecting a puppy I did quite a bit of research. I discovered that there are two sizes of Dachshunds – miniature and standard. The miniature is defined as 11 pounds and under (determined at 12 months of age); the standard defined as over 11 pounds. According to the AKC, most standards range in weight between 16 and 32 pounds, the miniature as under 11. I’m not sure where the 12 to 15 pounders go – is that a skinny standard or a fat mini? Based on the roundness of Shorty’s belly I’m thinking the latter.
Other interesting physical traits are the type of coats. Dachshund’s come in short haired smooth, long haired smooth and wire haired. They also have a wide variety of colors. The more common are the reds and the two color black and tan. My favorite tip on choosing a pet came from an interior decorator – “match your décor to your shedder”. Fortunately the short haired Dachshund is a minimal shedder. While I think Shorty’s cinnamon color is gorgeous, the whole house that color might get tiresome.
When I first adopted Shorty I lived in a town house with limited yard space. I wasn’t fond of the idea of having to groom on a daily basis so my list narrowed to a miniature short haired Dachshund.
My research also included personality traits. Dachshunds belong to the hound family and are eager hunters with a keen sense of smell. In my opinion “eager” is an understatement, try obsessive or fanatical. Small fast moving creatures like lizards, snakes, and frogs are hunted with a speed and ferocity beyond compare. In my neighborhood, Shorty is referred to as the “great red lizard hunter”.
The character traits from my research that I’ve learned are the most prominent is their devotion and desire to remain close. If Shorty is not in my lap or tucked next to me, she is always in the same room. I’m followed from room to room with the expectation that there is always room for her on my lap. No seat is exempt, living room lounger, office chair, toilet – no exemptions.
My study indicated that Dachshunds are playful and affectionate, these are my favorite traits. A day never goes by that Shorty doesn’t do something that makes me laugh or smile. Even at her “advanced” age she still chomps her squeaky toys with exuberance and races through the house at high speeds. Shorty does shy away from loud or rowdy children, but is otherwise very fond of children and people she knows. Her sweetness and devotion to me is beyond anything that I can describe.
I hope this has given you an idea of the Dachshund breed and the joys of having one in your life. If you are contemplating adding one to your household, I will warn you they are a challenge to train, but if you want an affectionate long low shadow you’re looking in the right place.

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